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Red Lobster is pretty affordable and always delicious, but don’t you want to get even more out of your experience? For example, one could get discounts by using coupons with purchases, which means even better value for great seafood. You could also of course join the Fresh Catch Club.

Red Lobster operates all across the United States, and also in Canada. Even in the most landlocked states and provinces, Red Lobster brings tasty and fresh seafood to the table, sourcing it from the locations that do have access to the good stuff. A well-developed logistics system keeps all branches stocked up, so you can order anything almost all the time.

This logistics system also allows Red Lobster to deliver fresh seafood straight to doorsteps anywhere in the USA. You can also get special lobster dinners complete with claw crackers and more, and let’s not forget the local delivery systems for regular menu items.

Of course, logistics is only one part of the equation. It takes more than ingredients and décor to make a restaurant – it also takes great service staff and skilled cooks. Red Lobster does not disappoint on either point. You can expect efficient and polite service, and consistently well-cooked dishes, prepared according to exacting recipes. With the introduction of the wood-fired grills in 2008, Red Lobster has stepped up the seafood restaurant chain game. These grills are operated by trained and certified personnel, so you get food that is cooked through yet does not lose its juiciness, and is accentuated by the smoke of the grill.

Lastly, we must not forget the customer. You can choose from a wide variety of dishes, and you can be assured that you will get good food every time. However, if you really enjoy seafood and enjoy eating it often, then you should consider joining the Fresh Catch Club. Members of the Fresh Catch Club get early notices for special promotions and events, and of course, discount coupons. You’ll even get something special on your birthday! A meal at Red Lobster is always satisfying, but members of the club are sure to get more out of every meal. Joining up is easy, and the rewards are delicious.


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